12/23/2011 – Strict Pull Ups & Air Force WOD

23 Dec

My eats have been pretty good. I’ve been indulging in some sugar with my coffee, but that is the extent of it.

Today we worked on our strict pull ups again. Honestly, I didn’t put my all into it and try to get specific numbers of pull ups. I got 3 and my grip started to go. I usually put the thumb to the side. I tried changing the way I hold the bar, by wrapping my thumbs around the bar. It felt a bit awkward, so I’ll try again next week. I was working on my chest to bar pull ups for the kipping skill.

The reason I didn’t go all out because the WOD that Tim put up on the whiteboard was the famous Air Force WOD. I love this WOD, but it gives me the heeby jeebies!! I was pacing the entire time, and was scared of it. Also, I wanted Tim to say 4 burpees for men and 2 burpees for women. That didn’t happen.

Air Force WOD(4 burpees on the minute):

  • 20 Thursters(95#/65#)
  • 20 SDHP(95#/65#)
  • 20 Push Jerks(95#/65#)
  • 20 Overhead Squats(95#/65#)
  • 20 Front Squats(95#/65#)
  • The thrusters weren’t too bad. The SDHP seemed slow to be, and I felt really wobbly every time the bar reached my chin. The OHS took me 4 minutes!! 5 reps for each minute. By that time, the 4 burpees were just slowing me down.

    To my surprise, I PR’ed by almost a minute!! YAY! 😉 I did this WOD over a year ago in the old garage gym. I thought we did it again, but I guessed I missed it during the summer. Merry Christmas to me!

    Now…we are all tackling Whitten tomorrow. Good times…good times(in Terminator’s voice)!

    Result: 13:34 RX’d

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