01/09/2012 – Good Eats & Lifting Session

10 Jan

I missed my CrossFit class this morning because of my adorable little boys. Somehow in the middle of the night, both kids were up. Lil’ munchkin’ did not want me to leave, and every time I moved he would put his hand on my body and not let me go. I gave up and just decided to get one more hour of sleep in and workout at work.

I got to work and jumped on the stair master. I figured I should warm up with 53 flights if I want to do the Fight For Air Climb in March. Too bad I didn’t finish under 10. Plenty of time to train though.

After, I worked on my Power Cleans:


and Shoulder Press


I failed on my third attempt at the power cleans, so I just quit. I was getting tired, but wanted to get some shoulder work in.

For breakfast I had the protein box from Starbucks. I just ate the egg, cheese, and some grapes. Lunch rolled around and I had leftover roast but no veggies. So, I walked downstairs to the cafeteria and bough some broccoli. I felt so weird just walking around the building with a plate of broccoli, hoping no one would stop me and ask me if I was anorexic. Seriously people, I just wanted veggies with my protein. I also got me a bowl of fruit.

This morning before I left to work, I turned on my slow cooker to make Chicken & Gravey. I could of devoured the entire chicken, but I stopped myself. Here’s my dinner!

Leaving for Hawaii in 1 day!


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