1/28/2012 – Good Eats

29 Jan

I was able to sneak out of the house and get a 3 mile run in at 6AM. I think it’s a little less than 3 miles, but I’ll take it. Nothing fast, nothing slow, just a good sweat on. Today’s going to be a test in my “diet” because I know I munch aimlessly when I’m not being super strict.

7:10(S1) – PWO Whey Protein with water

8:10(B) – Breakfast was good old egg whites with spinach, mushroom, and 4oz of GrassFed Ground Beef
Update: Woops, just realized the beef should of been 2.1oz instead of 4. I don’t it will really mess me up, but we’ll see!
11:50(L) – Salmon salad with half an avocado. No apple today. No fruit period, today.

2:15(S2) – 4oz of Sous Vide Supreme Chicken breast marinated in Fox Point Seasoning with 1oz of Macadamia Nuts. I didn’t have cashews here, and for the exchange list, mac nuts were good.

6:00(D) – 4oz of Ruffy fillet with sauteed red cabbage and broccoli. I didn’t have any cauliflower left, so I subbed with cabbage.

Here’s a combined picture of my good eats!

Very hard not to snack at night. All I did was sip on my Kombucha Green Tea.


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