02/02/2012 – Good Eats

3 Feb

This morning I took to the treadmill again and did a HIIT workout. Here’s how it went.

1-10 min: Walk at 3.0 w/ incline at 3.0
11-15 min: Run at 6.0 mph w/ include at 1.5
16-30 min: 1 minute intervals at 8.5-8.9, rest was at 3.0-3.5. All incline was at 1.0. I’m trying to get to 10.0mph on the treadmill. Yesterday at CoffeeWOD, we were talking about Tabata on Treadmill, and all you need to focus on is pulling the leg(like buttkicks!). So, I tried to focus on pulling, and it gets freakin’ tiring! 1 whole minute..YIKES!
31-35 min: Run at 6.0 mph
36-40 min: Cool down with a walk at 3.0mph

8:05AM(B) – I changed up the protein with my breakfast this morning because I didn’t have enough beef thawed when I made my breakfast. I switched the beef with lean ground turkey. Hopefully that was ok. Otherwise, the 4 egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread, and almond butter were yum-o!

It’s about 11:30, and I’m about half way to my gallon of water a day. 🙂

12:30PM(L) – I brought leftover fish, cauliflower, and broccoli from last night. It definitely wasn’t a full fillet, and I ended up not finishing my food. Again, getting tired of fish, but I’m going to suck it up until Sunday. Then I’ll change around the protein based on what my Nutrition Coach recommend.

Top: Lunch, Bottom: Leftovers

3:15PM(S1) 4oz of chicken breast plus 1 oz of cashews.

Left work early to go get some food for the Superbowl. Damn, there were so many samples out there. Very tempting, but I was able to walk right by. I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any more sweet potatoes. Guess I’ll have to get them at the Farmer’s Market.

6:15PM(D) – I switched my lunch and dinner meals around. This time I had a big salad with 4oz of top sirloin steak, cucumbers, and half an avocado.

I ended the night with Kombucha Tea. This flavor, the original, taste better than the passion fruit flavor. It still feels like I took a shot of tequila after drinking it, so I ended up only drinking half.

Tomorrow is my virtual friday. Let’s see how drinking a gallon of water holds up.


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