02/06/2012 – Good Eats

7 Feb

It’s back to the grind. This week was strength week, so I had to eat breakfast early again. It does feel weird to eat early one week, and not the next. It’s like my body got used to it after a week, and I deprived myself the next, so it had to relearn things again.

4:00AM(B) – I precooked 3 of my breakfast this week and it was all 4 egg whites with 2oz of GrassFed Beef, mushrooms, and spinach. The change is in the Ezekiel bread. Since today is a strength, I decided to add that it. It digests a little bit faster than a sweet potato. I’ll save the sweet potato for my rest and running days. Also add 1/2 tblsp of Almond Butter.

9:15AM – Getting a little sleepy!!

12:10PM(L) – For lunch, it was a salad with 3oz of smoked salmon(no sugar), half an avocado, and an apple.

1:30PM – Getting sleepy again, and I feel like I’m super hungry and have that shaky feeling. Maybe my blood sugar is dipping right now.

3:30PM(S2) – chicken breast plus cashews!

5:50PM(D) – Ate dinner a little bit earlier than normal because I was hungry. Maybe it’s from the lifting session this morning. Since the last two weeks, I haven’t lifted that much at CFPA, I might be starting to feel the affects of not eating as much. I’ll probably monitor this until after Wednesday, then we’ll see what’s up.

Dinner was turkey meatloaf with sauteed kale and curry roasted cauliflower. I didn’t use the extra lean turkey because I went to Whole Foods and they were out! I ended up using the ground turkey that I bought from US Wellness Meats. It’s not as lean as it should be for my dinner, so I better portion this out properly. I put about 2 tblsp of Trader Joe’s Puscanetta Tomato Sauce on the meatloaf. It gave the meatloaf a bit of a kick to it. Yummy.

That is all folks. Made it through a Monday and that is all I could ask for.

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