02/08/2012 – Ring Dips and 3/4 Nicole

8 Feb

Fun stuff today at CrossFit Palo Alto! I left the box feeling accomplished and really happy about my progress. Funny thing is, I asked my friend on Monday if I can borrow the Rogue rings that she had at her house. She said she put them in storage and would get them for me this weekend. And to my surprise, we are working on ring dips this cycle! YAAHOOOOO!

Ring Dips: 5(Red band)-5(Purple Band)-5(Purple Band)-2(BW)-2(BW)-3(BW)

Woo hoo! I got some ring dips that were body weight. It’s been a long time coming. I’m not sure they were all perfect, but it was better than the last cycle. I made progress last cycle, but when I tried to do the body weight, I couldn’t get myself out of the bottom position. So today, when I was using the band, I made sure I paused at the bottom, and focused on using my upper body and core to get me back up. Hopefully I can do 5 body weight ring dips by the end of the cycle.

Today, our WOD was 3/4 of Nicole.

AMRAP of 15 minutes:

  • 400m Run
  • Max Pull Ups
  • I ran a total of 4 times with 4 rounds of pull ups. The breakdown was 17, 11, 12, and 10. 17 pull ups without stopping! Another YAHOOOO! My goal is to get 20 pull ups, and I never have the motivation to work on them. I always do 5 here, 5 there, with maybe 10 sometimes. I guess it has to be in a WOD for me to get them done. I need that adrenaline rush! LOL. So happy!

    Results: 50 Pull Ups


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