02/09/2012 – Good Eats & Rowing

10 Feb

I woke up this morning to do 1 part of the CrossFit Endurance WOD. First I walked on a small incline for 15 minutes as a warmup. Then I did 6x500m with 2 minute rest in between. I wasn’t suppose to deviate between 2-3 seconds. Sort of sucked, and yes, I did deviate MORE than 3 seconds.

500m Row:2:11, 2:11.9, 2:16, 2:18, 2:21.9, 2:15.3

I got progressively worse as the sets went on, but made it up a little bit at the end. Definitely a good one. Still trying to get below 2 minutes this year. So many things movements grease the grove on, yet so little time.

6:45AM(S1) – SFH PWO Whey Protein + water. 1 liter of water down!

8:00AM(B) – I completely forgot that my breakfast didn’t have any ground beef in it. So, I had to go into my chicken breast stash and split it in half. That just means I won’t have much of a snack later in the afternoon. Oh well. I had a 3oz sweet potato to go with my breakfast this morning.

10:05AM – I forgot to eat my almond butter, so I decided to just eat it because I was HUNGRY! Or feeling tired again. The workout is definitely hitting me.

12:45PM(L) – Had a meeting offsite, so I ate my lunch a little bit late. Gotta love my new salad container from LunchBots. Salad plus smoked salmon equals a fabulous lunch. Yummy!

3:10PM(S) – 2oz of chicken breast plus 1oz of cashews.

6:00PM(D) – 1 mahi mahi fillet with roasted cabbage and roasted curry cauliflower.

Ended the night with some Kombucha Tea. I can never finish a whole bottle. Hope that doesn’t hurt.


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