02/10/2012 – Strength Day

11 Feb

The five tribe was ready to tackle our WOD today. For strength, we worked on our Front Squats.

Front Squat: 83#(5)-93#(5)-108#(3)-118#(3)-123#(2)

I felt good doing all the reps. Unfortunately, I did not get close to my previous PR of 140#. I hope to break the PR this cycle. We shall see!

Today’s WOD was a little different than normal. Usually we do the short metcons, but today it was 5 rounds NOT FOR TIME. And it was all barbell work too. WOO HOO! I love working on strength because I really want to see my numbers go up.

Not For Time, 5 Rounds of the following:

  • 4 Press
  • 3 Push Press
  • 2 Push Jerk
  • Here’s a video of the 3 movements below.

    Look familiar right? Well, the goal was to add weight onto each round making sure each rep was a good rep.

    Round 1: 43#
    Round 2: 53#
    Round 3: 63#
    Round 4: 73#(Only did 3 Presses, and I finished of the round)
    Round 5: 63#(Only did 2 Presses and then quit the round)

    What I should of done in the 5th round was use 68# instead of trying 73# again. My push jerks did not have good form in the 4th round. I was beat! My kind of Friday! 🙂


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