12/16/2012 – My Virtual Friday Good Eats

17 Feb

Yahooo! Last day of work this week. Should be a good one.

Got to the work gym around 5:30 and hoped on the treadmill. Stayed on for about 55 minutes. I warmed up with an easy walk for 10 minutes. Then here’s how my run went.

  • Ran for 10 minutes at 6mph
  • Walked for 5 with incline of 10%
  • Ran for 10 minutes, started off at 7mph ended at 6mph
  • Walked for 5 with incline at 11%
  • Ran for another 5 minutes at 6.5mph
  • Cool down for another 10 minutes
  • 6:30AM(S) – SFH PWO Whey Protein + Water

    8:00AM(B) – 4 egg whites, 2oz of grassfed ground beef, mushrooms, and spinach with 3.10oz of sweet potato.

    12:35PM(L) – I was already getting hungry around 1030, but then I got busy so that took the edge off. Scarfed down a skirt steak salad with 1/2 an avocado.

    3:50PM(S2) – 4oz of chicken breast plus 1.1oz of cashews. 😉

    6:20PM(D) – 4oz of chicken breast with asparagus and broccoli. I smothered the chicken in gravy because the breast was so dry. Leftover chicken breast is only moist if cooked in the sous vide.

    That’s all folks! Enjoy!

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