12/18/2012 – Good Eats and Climbing Stairs

19 Feb

Woke up at 5:30AM and got to Communication Hills to do the staris. I wanted to finish 10 rounds before 7, but only got in 8. Everytime I got down to the bottom, I added 1 burpee. In the end I did 8 burpees. Good stuff!

7:00AM(S) – PWO Whey Protein + water

8:00AM(B) – Same ole same ole. 4 egg whites with 2oz ground beef, mushrooms, and spinach. 1 slice of Ezekiel bread plus 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter.

12:30PM(L) – I’m switching up lunch meals with dinner meals today because Hubby and I have a date. So, I’m eating the last of the snapper with frozen broccoli and asparagus. I didn’t eat all of the fish because the portion was too big.

4:20PM(S) – 4oz of chicken with 1oz of macadamia nuts

8:00PM(D) – Hubby and I went to Pacific Catch in Campbell for our date. It was sort of a late dinner. I ate a little bit of our appetizers, poke and ceviche. I ordered the Seared Ahi Salad for my main dish because it had the greens and avocado. No dressing.


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