2/20/2012 – President’s Day WOD

20 Feb

Today was President’s Day and although most of the Five Tribe members didn’t have work(the exception being Fitbomb and I), they all showed up for the crazy class! We went back to working on Snatches today, and I think I PR’ed!

Snatch: 63#(5)-68#(3)-73#(3)-78#(1)-83#(1)

78# felt really good, and I think it was because I took Tim’s advice and just went fast. I didn’t think about the movement as I approached the bar, I just did it. 83# on the other hand was purely a muscle snatch. Maybe it was because Tim wrote “FRAN” on the board right before I attempted it. Nonetheless, I think it was PR. I gotta check it though.


  • 21 Thrusters(95#/65#)
  • 21 Pull ups
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 15 Pull ups
  • 9 Thrusters
  • 9 Pull ups
  • I had a feeling we’d be doing “FRAN” again. I haven’t done Fran since April 2011 and January 2011, and both my times were close to 10 minutes. The last time I got a decent score was when I first started at CFPA back in April 2010(which I have no record of on here, but it’s in my red notebook). I got 7:03 that time, and today I PR’d by 5 seconds. Of course I can say I wish I went faster, because I always say that. But I’ll take it, considering I did 21 Thrusters without dropping the bar. I wish I did the pull ups faster, especially the last 9. I’m dropping from the bar WAAAAY too much. Honestly, after the workout, I wish I was able to do it again. Yes, I’m crazy.

    Great job to everyone in the class. Fran ain’t easy!

    Result: 6:57 RX’d


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