02/27/2012 – Last Week of Snatches

28 Feb

Today is our last week in this cycle, and we worked on Snatches. I didn’t do so well today. Form was all off, and I couldn’t match my PR from last week. I wish I had more time to work on the progressions, and be capable of doing this lift in a WOD at 95#. Someday…someday.

Power Snatches: 63#(3)-73#(3)-78#(3)-73#(3)-83#(F)

I went back to 73# again because 78# was just horrible. I wanted to work on form as well and make sure my setup was right. Tim was constantly reminded me that I need to be tight and not let the abs collapse. I thought I could do at least 1 rep of 83#, but that didn’t happen. Ggggrrr!

Our WOD today was fun:

10-9-8-7…1 of the following

  • Toes To Bar
  • Pass Thrus
  • Jumping Lunges
  • How ironic that I was watching the Toes To Bar Progression Video by Gymnastics WOD coach Carl P before I went to bed last night. Unfortunately, watching that video didn’t help me much. It just reminded me to practice and practice. I usually swing to0 much and can’t control my hips as my legs as it come flying down from the bar. However, the toes to bar wasn’t the hard part. It was the pass thrus. The jumping lunges were fast, but I accidentally put my hands on my thighs as I was doing them, and Tim yelled “NO HANDS”. I redid the reps. 😉

    Result: 10:36 RX’d


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