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03/31/2012 – Fight For Air Climb & Good Eats

31 Mar

Today I woke up early and headed to meet up with the CFPA crew. We have 80+ members climbing 52 floors for the Lunch Cancer Association. How awesome is that. I had a great time getting to know people outside of my 5AM class. It was fun, and I can’t wait to do something like that again. And thank you to all who donated. I think I finished around 12 minutes, but I haven’t seem the official results yet.

Okay, onto my good eats.

8:00AM – I drank my pre-workout whey protein before I did the stairs.

10:30AM – Here’s my plate of food right after the climb. I didn’t eat all the eggs.

1:00PM – I got home and quickly stir fried some ground lean turkey with a nuked yam.

3:30PM(L) – I scarfed down my lunch which was a greek salad with 4oz of chicken

7:00PM(D) – Salmon with braised kale.

My eyes are shutting on me as I type this line. Good night!

03/30/2012 – Good Eats

31 Mar

Here’s a quick recap of what I ate on my Friday off.

Before I went to CFPA for our workout, I scarfed down 6 egg whites with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread and 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Almond Butter.

I came home and hung out with the kids while trying to play with my new pressure cooker. I made some medium hard boiled eggs for Lil’ Munchkin’. Super easy!

The next thing I made was Nom Nom Paleo’s bone broth recipe. I didn’t have any carrots, so I left that out. I put marrow and cross shanks. Looked so good, and I had some marrow. That was bad, because marrow is fatty, very fatty.

I was able to scarf down my snack with 4oz chicken and a nuked yam.

I went out with a friend to Santana Row just to take the kids out since the weather was nice. We went to Plutos and I ordered a romaine salad with grilled chicken, no dressing.

For dinner, I had a piece of salmon with broccoli and asparagus.

That’s all folks! Good night.

03/30/2012 – Friday’s Workout

31 Mar

Today was not a great day at CFPA for me. Lots of mess ups, and I just wasn’t mentally or physically there. I just felt super weak, which sucks because I wanted to PR today on the Push Presses.

Push Press:73#(5)-93#(2)-83#(3)-103#(1)-115#(F)

93# felt really heavy for me this time, and maybe because I jumped to fast?! I don’t know, but I failed my last rep. I went back down to 83# and that felt solid. I did 113# a couple weeks ago, and that was my PR. I put two extra pounds on hoping I would get something, but NOPE. Not today. Such an off day.

Here’s our WOD:

11,250 Pound Deadlift =

  • 50 Reps at 225# OR
  • 61 reps at 185#
  • The goal for our gym was to do at least 50 reps of a heavy weight. I warmed up and put 173 on the bar. Tim said no, my back was already rounding. BLEH! So I took it down a notch to 155#, and did 50 reps. I wanted to break the reps into 5 sets of 10, and I got through the first 20 with no problem. After that, it got slower and slower. I broke the reps down to 5, then 3. BLEH. I finished under 5, but now that I think about it, maybe I should of gone to 165#. SIGH. How am I going to get to my 300# GOAL!!!?!

    Result: 4:24 @ 153#

    03/292/2012 – Good Eats

    30 Mar

    Here we go again. My virtual Friday and I’m ready to start the weekend. I got to work this morning and went straight to the work gym. I’m suppose to do a long cardio session today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I mean, I did a long one, but probably not at the intensity that it was suppose to be at. And I wasn’t focused. I jumped from the treadmill(for 25 minutes..mostly walked) to the elliptical to the bike. Ya, just felt eeeh! I kept thinking to myself, my legs are tired, my legs are tired. Yes, you can tell me to suck it up and stop complaining if I want to reach my goal. πŸ˜‰

    Okay, enough rambling and onto my eats…

    6:15AM(S1) – I downed my SFH PWO Whey Protein with 1 tblsp of flaxseed right after the workout.

    8:45AM(S2) – By this time I was starving for real food, and was starting at the clock. I had to eat it before 9 because I had a meeting to go too, and didn’t want to be munching on my snack while I was suppose to be paying attention and learning about my new project. Here it is, 4oz of chicken breast with 3.5 oz of nuked yam

    I haven’t been doing much of anything lately at work, so I’ve been ditching to work on a side project(learning Objective-C and Web development technologies). I know bad. But things are about to come to a screeching halt with that, because I’m getting busier and busier with work. So today I took advantage of the slowness for one last time, and went to go get a Hydrostatic Weighing(getting “dunked”) to measure my body fat, and then rushed to get my hair colored. Want to know the results of my body-fat test?! Dun-dun dun….

    A healthy 24%!

    This number is the same since when I last took the test in August 2010. However, I have a bit more lean muscle mass now(like .4), so I’m sort of on track. I know 24% is healthy and all good, but I want less fat, more muscle. Maybe down to 19-20% range. Goal of 2012. It’s always good to do these test once in awhile to see where you are at. Getting on the scale every week doesn’t really tell you how much fat you’ve lost. I don’t even mind staying this weight as long as I have more muscle and less fat.

    I’ve rambled on again…back to the main topic.

    1:30PM(L) – I finally got to the salon and was starving. So, I pulled out my tupperware, dumped some Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil into my Greek salad and chowed down. Here’s the pic of my food, half way through.

    6:00PM(D) – Once I got home, I quickly plated my dinner, which took less than 5 minutes. Salmon with nuked green beans and asparagus

    Again, I keep on forgetting to take my whey. I’m so exhausted by the time I put the kids to sleep that I just knock out. Hubby has been working late because it’s opening seasoning, so he hasn’t been home at night to help tuck the kids into bed. Just a few more days till opening day, then I get my hubby back.

    Enjoy the sun tomorrow, and get your Vitamin-D.

    03/28/2012 – Zercher Missed PR and Tabata(x6)

    29 Mar

    BLEH. I’m a little disappointed with how I did with my Zercher Squats. Here were my loads:

    Zercher Squat: 35#(5)-85#(3)-115#(3)-135#(1)- 155#(1..sort of)-155#(F)

    So I decided to start off really light with the 5 reps and save my energy for the 1 rep maxes. Obviously, I wanted to beat my previous PR a couple weeks ago. Maybe the jump was too high and I didn’t warm up enough by doing another set of 5s, but at 115, the squats started to feel heavy already. When I got to 155, taking the bar off the rack already felt weird, and I couldn’t position myself properly. Once I squatted, I feel into the whole, and sort of lost control. As I was going up, I could feel my elbow pushing against my thigh, and by nature I used it to help me get up. I guess my setup wasn’t right from the start. I wanted to try again with 155# and make it legit. I totally lost it again in the squat. I didn’t keep my core tight AGAIN as I got into the whole, and basically lost all the momentum to get back up. Sigh! No bell ringing for me today. Sort of sucks.

    Here’s was our WOD:

    This was a fun one, but the ring dips were the hardest. In the first cycle, I think I got 13 reps. That quickly went down to 10,7, then 6. I should of been faster with the grasshoppers, but I wanted to make sure that every rep hit my shins. Shuttle run was good, I was at 10 for half the cycle, then kept my reps at 9. I forget what I did with the snatches, but I think they were consistent for all 6 rounds.

    Result: 29 reps RX’d

    03/28/2012 – Good Eats

    29 Mar

    Here’s a quick recap of what I ate on this fine Wednesday. Two more days of work and hello 3 day weekend.

    4:00AM(B) – 6 egg white omelet with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread and 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Natural Classic Almond Butter. No pic, but I’m sure you don’t need to see another boring pic of my sort of boring omelet.

    6:00AM(S1) – SFH PWO Whey Protein with 1 tbslp of flaxseed

    9:30AM(S2) – This snack is pretty tasty. I used my SousVide Supreme to cook the chicken and seasoned it with Salt, Pepper, and Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning. I also added a bit of ghee in it. So tasty! I paired it with 3.5 oz of nuked yam.

    12:00PM(L) – I had a lunch date with my friend at Dish Dash. I suggested the place because I have to have a greek salad for lunch, and Dish Dash makes it perfectly!!! I ate the whole things. Yes, probably not the 4oz of chicken I was suppose to eat, but it was delicious!

    6:00PM(D) – I quickly pan-fried my salmon that I picked up from Trader Joe’s this weekend. This salmon did not taste good to me. Maybe it’s because I’m used to getting fresh salmon from the Farmer’s Market, so I’m being a bit of a snob. The texture wasn’t as flaky as I’d like it to be.

    I ended up skipping out on my bedtime whey protein because I knocked out while putting Lil’ Munchkin’ to sleep. By the time I woke up it was 9PM already, and I didn’t want to put anything else in my system. Hope that’s ok….

    03/27/2012 – Good Eats

    28 Mar

    I started the morning off with a 5.5 mile run. It wasn’t fast, but it sure got the heart rate going. The wind was working against me, just like any other day. I loathe cardio now. It’s more of a mental push then a physical push. SIGH.

    7:30AM(S1) – No eggs today, just my SFH PWO Whey and 1 tblsp of flaxseed for breakfast.

    10:00AM(S2) – 4oz of Sous Vide Turkey Breast with a nuked yam. I’m suppose to eat chicken, but I had this turkey leftover from last week. I hate wasting food now, so I ate it. I spend too much money on good quality food to through it away.

    Maybe the turkey is what bit me, because my tummy was not feeling good for the rest of the day.

    1:15PM(L) – Greek salad with 4oz of Sous Vide Chicken breast. Good Stuff!! My salad fixings didn’t all fit in the bowl that I had.

    6:15PM(D) – This was a late dinner, but again, my tummy was not feeling good. Pretty much emptied out, which was the opposite of what was happening yesterday. I pan fried some Alaskan Wild Cod for dinner. Not as satisfying as the salmon, but it worked. The sides were nuked green beans, and roasted asparagus.

    I ended up not taking my whey protein before bed. Something wasn’t right with my tummy and I didn’t want to put anything in it. Good night ya’ll!

    03/26/2012 – Monday’s Sandbag Workout

    27 Mar

    Monday’s workout was the LONG metcon one, and boy did it kill me. My legs were achy and numb all freakin’ day.

    Here’s what we did:

    I picked up the 35# sandbag, the one I used last time. This was one tough cookie. I flew threw the pull ups and paced myself on the run. During the first round when doing the Sandbag Shoulders, I only did 4 on each side. I finally realized that I counted wrong and made up for them on the second round. I also did the pull ups unbroken on the 2nd round. πŸ™‚ Grip was definitely slipping by pull up number 9.

    Once I got to the 3rd round, Tim changed the WOD to 4 rounds because people were finishing way too fast(ahem…Mark). I had to break up the pull ups in the 3rd and 4th round. The toughest part for me was the Sandbag run. I wasn’t able to run very fast with it on my neck, so in the last round, I had it on one shoulder. I was able to actually jog fast with it, if that makes any sense. Next time, I’ll just switch between shoulders with the sandbag.

    Great way to start the week though.

    Result: 26:18 RX’d

    03/26/2012 – Good Eats

    27 Mar

    Yesterday I received my new meal plan for the next week(maybe longer), and let me tell you…it’s not much. Well, there’s no fat in it, besides the fat I cook in. It’s a little different from the high protein, high fat style of Paleo, but if it’s going to get me to where I want to be, then why not experiment. In summary, it’s lots of LEAN meats(chicken and fish).

    4:10AM(B) – 6 egg whites with 1 slice of Ezekiel bread and 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Almond Butter. Yes, only egg whites. When I made the omelet I seasoned it with Penzey’s Northwood Seasoning, and topped it with Aleppo Pepper for added spice.

    6:00AM(S1) – SFH PWO Whey Protein with 1 tbslp of Flaxseed. I noticed that the flaxseed isn’t mixing up really well, and I left probably half a tblsp in the mixer. Woops.

    10:30AM(S2) – For my snack, I had Paleo Kit Chicken Jerky with 3.5 oz of nuked yam. Not sure if chicken jerky is allowed. The chicken jerky has a lot of sodium in it. I think I’m going to sous vide some chicken breast because I couldn’t find any lean ground chicken this weekend.

    1:30PM(L) – I made a large Greek salad with 4oz of chicken on top. The chicken was marinated with Penzey’s Jerk Chicken Seasoning. Surprisingly, the salad kept me full until dinner time. Maybe because I drenched it with this fabulous Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kasandrinos Imports. I bought 4 bottles when it was on sale, and I never had a chance to use it yet because of my meal plans.

    I can’t wait to drizzle it with balsamic vinegar, and eat it with bread. Ya right, I’m dreaming. πŸ™‚

    Here’s my beautiful salad which had a whole bunch of good veggies in it. Hopefully this salad will jump start my digestive system, because I’m having trouble in the plumbing department. I think it’s because I haven’t had lots of veggies, especially for breakfast. Sorry TMI!

    BTW, let me add that the salad had sprinkles of feta cheese in it. I’m not gonna sweat about feta not being Paleo right now. At least it’s Primal, and I bought the good stuff.

    5:00PM(D) – Dinner rolled around, and I scarfed down my leftover salmon with mashed cauliflower and nuked green beans. I didn’t eat the entire salmon because it was way more than 4oz. I probably ate 5 ounces. LOL. I know bad.

    8:00PM(S3) – So this one is new. Before I went to bed, I had another scoop of whey protein with water. This time I used the Daily Balance Whey from SFH, Natural Flavor. It tasted nasty, but I just downed it real quick. BLAH!!

    So there you go. That’s how I’ll be eating MWF for the next week or so. We’ll see what this does for me. πŸ™‚

    12/25/2012 – Last 3 Weeks of Nutrition Programs

    25 Mar

    I quickly weighed myself this morning to find out there wasn’t much change this week. Let me correct that, I’m up .2 pounds, but that could be water weight, muscle soreness, digestive issues, etc. So I’m saying I didn’t lose or gain this week, which is good.

    There’s 3 more weeks left in my nutrition program, and it’s going to be brutal. Lots of lean chicken and fish. We’ll see how I survive.

    7:30AM(B) –

    11:20(S1) – 3oz grassfed ground beef with 3.2 oz nuked yam

    1:45PM(L) – Lunch was sous vide turkey, nuked yam, and salad.

    But that’s not all I had. Remember these Czech meatballs I made yesterday.

    Well, I gobbled up probably 5 or 6 of those. I was suppose to feed lil’ munchkin’ with them, but he was eating slow, and I was hungry!

    So that was the end of following my plan today. After I scarfed down those meatballs, I had some chicken jerky and dried fruit that was leftover from the Berky I had yesterday.

    I also decided that I wanted to go out to eat for dinner. I think I was doing this because I knew I had to be extra strict for the next 3 weeks. So I binged a bit, and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings again. Hubby and I ordered the 24 wings, and I ate probably 12 or 14 of them. Yes, I’m full of wings and salad. Wow, what a cheat huh?! I told my sister I went there, and she said, “You decided to go there for a cheat?!”. LOL. I didn’t want to eat anything too sugary, even though the wing sauce probably has a lot of sugar in it. And I didn’t want to go on a gluten binge because I haven’t had gluten in sooo long. I doubt I’ll be able to handle it comfortably. So, I overate on protein. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Anyways, I’m glad I did it and now I can move on and concentrate on my goal.

    Good night everyone. Have a great week!