03/01/2012 – Good Eats and Snatch Practice

2 Mar

Today was cardio day, but I also wanted to get some practice in for the CrossFit Games Open 12.2 WOD…Snatches. So, I did a run/jog for 50 minutes in the morning, and then practiced the Snatches in the afternoon.

7:30AM(B) – Notice that I didn’t have any whey protein after the cardio. I just went straight into my breakfast, because I wanted to save the whey for after the lifting session.

10:20AM(S1) – 3oz of Ground Beef plus roasted sweet potatoes.

12:15PM(L) – Lunch was sort of rushed because I wanted to eat before I lifted. Plus we had a domain meeting, and everyone was eating their company provided lunch(Togos, cookies, chips, & soda). So I chowed down on my roasted broccoli, salad, and 4oz of Chicken Breast.

1:15PM – My coworker was going to do the 12.2 WOD and we were going to film it. As he practiced, I practiced with him, up to 75#. We started at 45#, and my first couple of snatches felt way off balance. After I warmed up a bit, all the snatches felt ok. I definitely feel the difference between the men’s bar and women’s bar. In addition, not having my lifting shoes played with my mind too. My goal is to get through 60 snatches for the 12.2 WOD.

2:00 (S2) – SFP Whey Protein + 1 tblsp of Flax seed

5:00PM(S3) – I felt so rushed eating food today. In the morning, I had to cram at least 3 meals in before I did the lifts. I’m not even hungry right now, but I knew I should eat my food. I had 3oz of Dave’s albacore garlic tuna with 10 macadamia nuts.

7:30PM(D) – I ended up having dinner later than normal, which was ok. Approximately 4oz of salmon with sauerkraut and roasted kabocha squash.

That’s a wrap! 🙂


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