03/2/2012 – Sandbagging it…

3 Mar

I’m not quite sure if going into today’s workout was the smartest idea, considering I want to do well in the CrossFit Games Open WOD tomorrow. But, I went in anyways because I hate missing a workout with The Five Tribe members. And boy, did Tim have something special for us.

4 Rounds For Time

  • 400m Run with Sandbag
  • 10 Strict Pull Ups
  • 15 Sandbag Abmat Sit-ups
  • 20 Bear Hug Squats
  • I knew this one was going to be slow for me, especially since I chose one of the biggest bags. Tim said it was about 35 pounds. Sure felt like a 50 pounder to me. The run was more of a fast walk. I tried to get comfortable with the bag, but I was the slowest one out of the group. I just couldn’t really pick up my feet to move any faster even though I wanted to. The strict pull ups were hard for me too. The first round, I got through them ok, but the others rounds were difficult, and I ended up doing 1 strict pull up at a time. I swear I wanted to give up and do the pull ups with a band. I got through everything else just fine.

    Result: 27:39 RX’d


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