03/05/2012 – Good Eats

6 Mar

Another week of good eats coming at ya! I’m switching up my proteins this week for lunch, snack, and dinner. Nothing to wild and exciting though. 🙂

4:00AM(B) – 5 egg white omelet with 1 egg. 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread and 1/2 tblsp of Justin’s Almond Butter.

6:00AM(S1) – After my WOD at CFPA, I gulped down my SFH PWO Whey Protein plus 1 tbslp of flaxseed

9:55AM(S2) – Super hungry! I had to scarf down my snack before my meeting with customers. I had 3oz of GrassFed Beef and about 3.5oz of nuked yam.

11:30 – TUMMY ACHE! OUCH! What the hell is going on! Sorry a little TMI, but my tummy is clear now, but I feel a bit bloated. Not sure if it’s form the stuff I ate yesterday or maybe the stuff I ate today?! hmm….

1:00PM(L) – Okay, tummy still aches a bit, but I have to eat. Lunch was a salad with 4oz of SousVide Supreme Turkey Breast and approximately 3.5oz of roasted sweet potato. Mmmmm…turkey breast was so soft and juicy. I should try making a small turkey in the SousVide Supreme.

4:00PM(S3) – My snack was 3oz of SousVide Supreme Chicken Breast plus 10 macadamia nuts. I realize that I should not overeat on macadamia nuts.

6:05PM(D) – Tonight, I had about 2.5 oz of Slow Cooker Barbacoa with Mashed Garlic Cauliflower and Roasted Kabocha.

Tomorrow, I go on a 4 mile run with my coworker. I realize I need to get out and run because running on the treadmill sucks, unless I do a HIIT or Tabata workout.

Good night!


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