03/07/2012 – Zercher Squats and MORE SNATCHES!

8 Mar

Since it’s a new strength cycle week, we were introduced with Zercher Squats today. This is going to be fun, because I haven’t done these since September, and that was when I came back to the gym after having Lil’ AMRAP. Here were my loads:

Zercher Squats: 65#(5)-85#(5)-105#(3)-115#(3)-125#(3)

I definitely felt like I had more in the tank and could of gone to 135 for 3 reps, but we stopped there. I got a few weeks to get my PR up.

Our WOD contained more snatches…my hands are never going to heal at this point. LOL.

12 Minute AMRAP:

  • 12 Power Snatches(95#/65#)
  • 10 Knees to Elbow
  • 8 Calorie Row
  • The snatches still wasn’t good form. I need to practice more hip action. Gotta focus on more mobility and opening it up. Nonetheless, it was a great WOD, and it was nice to share it with everyone in the 5AM class. 🙂

    Result: 3 Rounds + 17 reps RX’d


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