03/21/2012 – Zercher Squat PR and Elizabeth

21 Mar

Today was definitely a good day at CFPA. I got to ring dem bells for my PR! I worked by myself today because a lot of our five tribe members were out. Bronwyn and I were the only ones who represented for the girls. Where my girls at?!

It’s our second week for Zercher Squats, so after doing a warm up set and readjusting the height of the rack multiple times, I finally felt like I was in a good groove. Here were my loads:

Zercher Squats: 85#(5) – 105#(3) – 115#(3) – 135#(1) – 145#(1)

The squats already felt heavy at 105, maybe because I jumped too high too soon. That is why the jump between the second and third set wasn’t as high. I then made the jump to my single reps. 135 felt great, and then I loaded the bar with 140#. I checked and realized my previous PR back in December 2010 was 140. Why do my PR again, just try and add more weight. I got 145# and was happy!! Hopefully I can get to 150 or more. The PR wasn’t pretty, but when are your maxes ever pretty?


  • 21 Power Cleans(135#/95#)
  • 21 Ring Dips
  • 15 Power Cleans
  • 15 Ring Dips
  • 9 Power Cleans
  • 9 Ring Dips
  • I used 83# today for the power cleans. They felt great and I tried to focus more with the hip explosion. Soon, I will conquer the 95# RX weight, SOON!!! For the ring dips, I used the red band. Another goal would be for me to do a WOD with RX’d ring dips. That would be INSANE!!!

    Result: 9:53…I think I wrote 9:43 on the board, and that’s probably not right.


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