03/26/2012 – Monday’s Sandbag Workout

27 Mar

Monday’s workout was the LONG metcon one, and boy did it kill me. My legs were achy and numb all freakin’ day.

Here’s what we did:

I picked up the 35# sandbag, the one I used last time. This was one tough cookie. I flew threw the pull ups and paced myself on the run. During the first round when doing the Sandbag Shoulders, I only did 4 on each side. I finally realized that I counted wrong and made up for them on the second round. I also did the pull ups unbroken on the 2nd round. 🙂 Grip was definitely slipping by pull up number 9.

Once I got to the 3rd round, Tim changed the WOD to 4 rounds because people were finishing way too fast(ahem…Mark). I had to break up the pull ups in the 3rd and 4th round. The toughest part for me was the Sandbag run. I wasn’t able to run very fast with it on my neck, so in the last round, I had it on one shoulder. I was able to actually jog fast with it, if that makes any sense. Next time, I’ll just switch between shoulders with the sandbag.

Great way to start the week though.

Result: 26:18 RX’d

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