03/28/2012 – Zercher Missed PR and Tabata(x6)

29 Mar

BLEH. I’m a little disappointed with how I did with my Zercher Squats. Here were my loads:

Zercher Squat: 35#(5)-85#(3)-115#(3)-135#(1)- 155#(1..sort of)-155#(F)

So I decided to start off really light with the 5 reps and save my energy for the 1 rep maxes. Obviously, I wanted to beat my previous PR a couple weeks ago. Maybe the jump was too high and I didn’t warm up enough by doing another set of 5s, but at 115, the squats started to feel heavy already. When I got to 155, taking the bar off the rack already felt weird, and I couldn’t position myself properly. Once I squatted, I feel into the whole, and sort of lost control. As I was going up, I could feel my elbow pushing against my thigh, and by nature I used it to help me get up. I guess my setup wasn’t right from the start. I wanted to try again with 155# and make it legit. I totally lost it again in the squat. I didn’t keep my core tight AGAIN as I got into the whole, and basically lost all the momentum to get back up. Sigh! No bell ringing for me today. Sort of sucks.

Here’s was our WOD:

This was a fun one, but the ring dips were the hardest. In the first cycle, I think I got 13 reps. That quickly went down to 10,7, then 6. I should of been faster with the grasshoppers, but I wanted to make sure that every rep hit my shins. Shuttle run was good, I was at 10 for half the cycle, then kept my reps at 9. I forget what I did with the snatches, but I think they were consistent for all 6 rounds.

Result: 29 reps RX’d


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