03/292/2012 – Good Eats

30 Mar

Here we go again. My virtual Friday and I’m ready to start the weekend. I got to work this morning and went straight to the work gym. I’m suppose to do a long cardio session today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I mean, I did a long one, but probably not at the intensity that it was suppose to be at. And I wasn’t focused. I jumped from the treadmill(for 25 minutes..mostly walked) to the elliptical to the bike. Ya, just felt eeeh! I kept thinking to myself, my legs are tired, my legs are tired. Yes, you can tell me to suck it up and stop complaining if I want to reach my goal. 😉

Okay, enough rambling and onto my eats…

6:15AM(S1) – I downed my SFH PWO Whey Protein with 1 tblsp of flaxseed right after the workout.

8:45AM(S2) – By this time I was starving for real food, and was starting at the clock. I had to eat it before 9 because I had a meeting to go too, and didn’t want to be munching on my snack while I was suppose to be paying attention and learning about my new project. Here it is, 4oz of chicken breast with 3.5 oz of nuked yam

I haven’t been doing much of anything lately at work, so I’ve been ditching to work on a side project(learning Objective-C and Web development technologies). I know bad. But things are about to come to a screeching halt with that, because I’m getting busier and busier with work. So today I took advantage of the slowness for one last time, and went to go get a Hydrostatic Weighing(getting “dunked”) to measure my body fat, and then rushed to get my hair colored. Want to know the results of my body-fat test?! Dun-dun dun….

A healthy 24%!

This number is the same since when I last took the test in August 2010. However, I have a bit more lean muscle mass now(like .4), so I’m sort of on track. I know 24% is healthy and all good, but I want less fat, more muscle. Maybe down to 19-20% range. Goal of 2012. It’s always good to do these test once in awhile to see where you are at. Getting on the scale every week doesn’t really tell you how much fat you’ve lost. I don’t even mind staying this weight as long as I have more muscle and less fat.

I’ve rambled on again…back to the main topic.

1:30PM(L) – I finally got to the salon and was starving. So, I pulled out my tupperware, dumped some Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil into my Greek salad and chowed down. Here’s the pic of my food, half way through.

6:00PM(D) – Once I got home, I quickly plated my dinner, which took less than 5 minutes. Salmon with nuked green beans and asparagus

Again, I keep on forgetting to take my whey. I’m so exhausted by the time I put the kids to sleep that I just knock out. Hubby has been working late because it’s opening seasoning, so he hasn’t been home at night to help tuck the kids into bed. Just a few more days till opening day, then I get my hubby back.

Enjoy the sun tomorrow, and get your Vitamin-D.


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