03/30/2012 – Friday’s Workout

31 Mar

Today was not a great day at CFPA for me. Lots of mess ups, and I just wasn’t mentally or physically there. I just felt super weak, which sucks because I wanted to PR today on the Push Presses.

Push Press:73#(5)-93#(2)-83#(3)-103#(1)-115#(F)

93# felt really heavy for me this time, and maybe because I jumped to fast?! I don’t know, but I failed my last rep. I went back down to 83# and that felt solid. I did 113# a couple weeks ago, and that was my PR. I put two extra pounds on hoping I would get something, but NOPE. Not today. Such an off day.

Here’s our WOD:

11,250 Pound Deadlift =

  • 50 Reps at 225# OR
  • 61 reps at 185#
  • The goal for our gym was to do at least 50 reps of a heavy weight. I warmed up and put 173 on the bar. Tim said no, my back was already rounding. BLEH! So I took it down a notch to 155#, and did 50 reps. I wanted to break the reps into 5 sets of 10, and I got through the first 20 with no problem. After that, it got slower and slower. I broke the reps down to 5, then 3. BLEH. I finished under 5, but now that I think about it, maybe I should of gone to 165#. SIGH. How am I going to get to my 300# GOAL!!!?!

    Result: 4:24 @ 153#


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