04/02/2012 – Happy Monday Workout

3 Apr

I was a little sluggish getting into our Monday WOD, but once we warmed up and started working out, my energy levels shot right up. CrossFit can do that to you. Actually, any type of activity can, so get your body moving!!

Today was our first day into a new cycle. We are going to be working on Power Cleans.

Power Cleans: 53#(5)-73#(5)-83#(3)-93#(3)-93#(3)-98#(3)

Everything felt good. My first set at 93# wasn’t perfect, so I wanted to do them again. I’m especially concerned with opening the hips and sticking the landing. 98# felt great too.

Onto our WOD:

For Time:

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 24 Flag Push ups
  • 50 Kettlebell Swings(24/16)
  • 24 Flag Push ups
  • 50 Double Unders
  • Double unders are definitely killing me in my time. Still doing a single under every double. Flag push ups were hard, especially during the second set. My elbows definitely spread out when it got tough, and Tim was yelling at me to keep them closer, but it was hard when you are tired. The last 50 double unders were slow too. I’m happy with the kettlebell swings because 1 pood is starting to feel light!!

    Result: 7:14 RX’d. I think that is what I wrote on the board.


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