04/06/2012 – 101 Push Press Challenge

7 Apr

WOW, what an eye opener today. But let’s start with our strength session. We worked on Turkish Get ups today and I used the 12kg bell for the entire rep scheme of 1-2-3-1-1. A good goal would be to use a 16kg bell and get max reps.

Onto our challenge:

101 Push Press(95#/65#), if you drop the bar 5 burpee penalty

I thought I could do the workout at 65#. It was hard! And it got hard for me fast! I think at rep 20, I knew this was going to take me awhile. I felt like I was doing burpees all the time. I dropped the bar AT LEAST 10 times, maybe 15. By rep 65, Tim told me to change the weight to 55#.

Very humbling, and I can’t wait to try it again.

Result: 16:31


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