04/17/2012 – Good Eats

18 Apr

Howdy Friends! It’s crazy how I start a new program, and Mark Sisson is talking about the same subject! Intermittent Fasting is not only for weight loss, but for health. I’m not going to try to reiterate all the knowledge that Mark dished out, so please go to the following links.

  • Part 1 – Weight Loss
  • Part 2 – Cancer
  • Part 3 – Longevity
  • Part 4 – Brain Health
  • Part 5 – Exercise
  • Part 6 – Choosing a Method
  • Here’s how I fueled my day. My morning was a bit busy. I got a 5 mile run in with my coworker. He picked up the pace, so I had a little bit of a struggle. We didn’t talk most of the way. It definitely felt good, I just hope it doesn’t impede on any progress since Leangains is really just about lifting heavy and resting. I had a meeting till 11:30, so I wasn’t even thinking about food. We’ll I sort of was. I wanted to eat as soon as I got out. And sure enough, I scarfed down my “breakfast”.

    11:30AM(B) – 4oz grassfed burger with 2egg/3egg white omelet and a handful of spinach. I definitely want to incorporate as much veggies as possible into my meals. That’s what I felt was missing in my previous nutrition program. I also munched on some Chicken Jerky, only half the pack this time.

    2:00PM(L) – Chicken breast salad.

    6:30PM(D) – 5oz Rump Roast with lots of veggies!!

    Tomorrow is going to be interesting because I’ll be in meetings all day. So after I carb load, I’ll be trying to stay awake and focus on my meetings. No fun!

    BTW, my freezer is getting full and we pick up our monthly CSA from Marin Sun Farms tomorrow. YAY for meat, boo for not being able to eat it all. I need to stop buying food.


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