04/20/2012 – Good Eats

21 Apr

I’m taking the BCAA for one last time. I got a unflavored one, and I know it’ll taste gross, but at least it won’t make my tummy turn and give me zits! Yes, I got two or three under the skin zits because of the surcalose. It’s either the surcalose or the fruit that I added back in. I will be saying bye-bye to both for awhile.

I broke my fast around 10:30 with my carb fueled meal. I had sweet potato hash with my egg whites, butternut/carrot squash soup, and 1 slice of Ezekiel bread with .5 tbsp of Justin’s Almond Butter.

I couldn’t eat everything, so here were my leftovers.

1:00PM(S) – I was excited to eat my snack because I was finally able to try Pure Wraps. Pure Wraps is made with coconut meat and Himalayan sea salt. It’s definitely a good replacement for a normal tortilla wrap or pita wrap, but the coconut smell is a bit overpowering.

I put my chicken salad in it. Pretty darn good.

6:30PM(D) – Lemon baked tilapia with Kabocha squash and roasted broccoli.

Oh, I also hand another handful of cranberries. I gotta be careful with these cranberries. A little handle packs a big punch.


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