04/20/2012 – Turkish Get Ups and 8 Min AMRAP

21 Apr

We finally made it to Friday. I’m so excited for the weekend because I get to spend time with my family and friends. I get to see my GFs this weekend, and I so need it. The weather is going to beautiful in The Bay, so I can tell this weekend is going to be epic. 🙂

We continued to work on our Turkish Get Ups this week. My goal is to use the 16kg bell for 3 reps. I’ll try it next week.

Turkish Get-ups: 12kg(1) – 12kg(2) – 12kg(3) – 16kg(1) – 12kg(2)

Our WOD was a quick but good one.

8 Minute AMRAP:

  • 21 KB Chest High Swings
  • 15 Push ups
  • 9 Toes to Bar
  • Result: 4 + 31 reps

    I tried to keep up with the boys, but the push ups are what got to me, like always. I jammed through the first 2 rounds, but the push ups definitely slowed me down in the last two.

    Once I got to work, I decided to quickly lift again and just do a few sets of bench presses. Last time I did the bench press, my top set was 75#. I decided to start with 80# today. I warmed up to 75, which was sort of dumb, but oh well. Here was my RPT scheme:

    Bench Press: 80#(6)-75#(9)-65#(12)

    The 80 was definitely hard to do. I might have been able to do 1 more rep, but I didn’t have a spotter. I could tell my form was off on the last rep because my back was starting to lift off the bench. Everything else felt good. I wonder what my one rep max is….I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend. Get some vitamin-d and stay motivated!

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