04/22/2012 – Good Eats

23 Apr

Today was a complete rest day, and I woke up still feeling full from all the protein I ate yesterday. Such a pig I tell ya!

Anyways, we had another busy day. We wanted to take the kids to the beach because it was so darn hot. We also wanted to get out of SJ by 10 to beat any traffic, so I had to be quick at the Campbell Farmer’s Market. I picked up veggies to fill our week. I need to stop buying food because our fridge is filled to the rim. I’m not sure how we are going to store 80# of grass fed meat from Morris GrassFed Beef that is suppose to come in June.

Once I got home and dumped all the veggies in the fridge, we headed out to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Unfortunately the weather was freakin’ COLD! We were not prepared for this weather. It was windy and cold, and the kids and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts. I felt bad for coming up with the idea to beat the heat, but we tried to have a good time. I didn’t break my fast until 12ish with a roasted turkey leg. I forgot to take a pic because I was HUNGRY!

Here’s Lil’ Munchkin’ playing skeeball for the first time!

Oh, I had a small bit of the chocolate covered bacon at Marini’s at the Beach. It was okay. I’d rather make this at home with dark chocolate. Not loving milk chocolate anymore.

Once we got home, I quickly got to cooking our dinner. Around Easter time, 4505 Meats had their annual Rabbit CSA. After seeing the NomBomb clan have it last year, I decided to pick one up this year. I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but I was on a strict diet plan, so I couldn’t really eat it then. It was my first time cooking rabbit, and the instructions given were quite simple and easy to follow. Good stuff!!

Loin and Saddle with Pesto Sauce:

Braised Rabbit Shoulder and Leg:

Rabbit Sausage with Romeso Sauce:

Our dinner guests thought everything was delicious! I think we’ll be cooking rabbit more often. Taste just like chicken!

Another day with protein overload. Time to stick with my meal plans for the rest of the week and see how I do. I’m not sure if having a goal and no one to watch over me is going to work. I have no self control when no one is watching. Sigh! The weekends are the hardest too. We’ll see what happens soon enough.


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