04/24/2012 – Good Eats

25 Apr

Today was a pretty busy day at work because I had to get a build out and have a document ready by COB. Fun stuff to keep my mind off of food!! 🙂 I got to work at 5:30 and starting working my butt off.

I got a surprise text from hubby!

Totally made my day. Too bad he had to use PTO and waste it on cleaning the house, but I’m grateful. With two boys and tons of toys, it’s hard to keep everything organized and not messy. Thanks hubby! I really appreciate it!

Onto my good eats and a little workout…

My coworker and I got our dose of Vitamin-D even though we were both swamped with work. We went out for a 2mi run to relieve some stress. Ain’t nothing going to hold us back from our personal goals! Make it work people, make it a priority to put yourself first. Everything else will still be there.

I actually ate a couple pieces of chicken breast to break my fast at 11:15. I didn’t want to wait until past 12 to eat, and then not be full and wanting more food after my run. I think it worked.

After our run, we saw another coworker doing tire pulls. So, my crazy mind starting churning and I suggested we do some tire flips across the basketball court. The court is about 100 yards. We went back and forth twice, and we took turns flipping 50 yards each, for a total of 200 yards. Good functional movement.

Once I showered and got back to my desk, I ate my first meal. It was quite yummy! 2 eggs plus 3 egg white, spinach omelet with a 4oz grassfed burger with mushrooms. Delish!

I ate again at 2:30 and scarfed down my chicken salad. Well, I scarfed down the chicken, but not the entire salad. Something about my salads as of late that I’m not into. I need to add more veggies to it.

BUT the good eats came during dinner! Hubby has been wanting a fat a$$ steak for a very long time. I used the SousVide Supreme a couple days ago to cook our GrassFed Rib Eye Steak from Marin Sun Farms. It took 8hrs at 130 degrees. Hubby put it back into the Sous Vide for an hour, and when it was ready, I pan fried it with ghee for 2 minutes on each side.

Look at this piece of heaven!!

I cut up the steak to split between hubs and I. We ate it with braised kale and roasted asparagus.

BOMB DIGGITY! We have another rib-eye steak waiting for us in the fridge. These cuts are a bit expensive but oh so worth it! The steak just melts in your mouth. MMMmmmmMMMM good!

Today was definitely a good day. 🙂


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