04/27/2012 – Friday’s Workout

27 Apr

Today’s the last day of our 4 week cycle and we finished it off with Turkish Get Ups. There was a new rep scheme this week, so I decided to stick to the 12kg bell. I tried to hurry along and get done with the 5 round, but there was no time left.

Turkish Get Ups: 12kg(1)-12kg(2)-12kg(3)-12kg(4)

It was hard for me to keep good form in the last set. Probably because I was getting tired and anticipating our WOD.

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 400m Run
  • 10/10 KB Snatch(24kg/16kg)
  • 20 Ab-mat Situps
  • Result: 10:36 RX’d

    I knew going all out on this WOD was the only way to get a really good time. I thought I would of been sore from my 5.5 mile run yesterday, but I think it actually helped. My legs weren’t as rusty and I was able to do my best and keep up with the guys in class. I wouldn’t say my form was the best on the KB Snatches, but I got through them without putting the bell down. I was really happy with how I did in this WOD because I knew I was trying my best. Since I’ve fueling myself properly, I think I’ve gained a lot of endurance and strength. It should be interesting to see how I weigh in on Sunday. I’ll re-evaluate what I’m going to do next if I don’t see any body fat loss.

    Since today was a training day, therefore high carb day, I wanted to move more weight. I had to go into work today, even though it was my off Friday, so I took advantage of my time there to do some back squats and weighted lunges.

  • Back Squat: 125(6)-115(8)-105(10)
  • 5×12 Weighted Walking Lunges(30# dumbbells)
  • Damn, the back squats were difficult. It could be because I didn’t take my time to warmup as much. I got through the sets with 3 minutes rest in between. My goal is to get to a one rep max of 200#. After, I decided to add on weight lunges.

    Main, I think the extra workouts really put a number on my appetite because I could not stop eating once I was home. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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