04/30/2012 – PJs, DUs, and BPs

30 Apr

Hello Monday, why do you have to come so soon? Can’t I get an extra day to do nothing? The only reason why I actually like Mondays is because I get to workout. BTW, I’ve lost 1 pound since starting the Leangains protocol. I’m pretty happy about that considering I’ve been able to eat a lot of what I want and like. Slow and steady will probably win the race for me.

We started a new cycle today and we were greeted with Push Jerks. Here were my loads for the day.

Push Jerk: 63#(5)-73#(3)-83#(4)-93#(3)-103#(3)

I have to remember to setup properly and have the core tight. The heavier I go, the more I will feel it in my back if I don’t setup right. I have to remember to be explosive too.

3- 5Minute Rounds:

  • Row 400m
  • Max Double Unders
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • Result: 160 Double Unders

    This wasn’t easy, and I ain’t no speed demon like Fitbomb who got over 250 DUs. Sigh.

    I got to work and quickly did my bench press sets. I did a 3×5 warmup set working up to 75#, and then hit the bench press RPT style.

    Bench Press:90#(6)-85#(10)-75#(12)

    Every week I’m trying to raise my bench by 5 pounds. We’ll see how it holds. I pretty much went to failure with the 90# weight, and thank god I had a spotter there. To finish up, I did 2 sets of 16 bodyweight push ups(chest to deck). This will help me with Murph.

    I hope everyone started their day off right like I did. This workout left me energized for a busy busy day sitting at my desk.


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