04/30/2012 – Good Eats

1 May

Crazy busy day at work today. I literally sat at my desk for over 9 hours working on a document that had to get out by COB today. It helps that I am fasting, so I can just stay focused on my work instead of eating every 2 or 3 hours. Here’s what I chowed down on for high carb/training day…

11:30AM(B) – 6 egg white spinach omelet with sweet potato fries and chestnuts.

Around 3PM I was able to wrap my little snacks and scarf them down. I’m really liking these Coconut Pure Wraps. Too bad it’s pricey, but it’s good quality stuff, and Whole30 approved.

Top: Cranberry Chicken Salad, Bottom: Applegate Chicken Breast w/ Avocado

Applegate Farms deli meats are the only Whole30 approved deli meat that I have found a the grocery stores. Here’s a dollar off coupon for you.

For dinner, I baked a 6oz Tilapia Fillet and roasted some brussel sprouts and kabocha squash. Yummy.

Unfortunately, I munched on a couple handful of dried cranberries from CJ Olsen Cherries. They have cranberries that they infuse with apple juice, not the normal cane sugar that you find everywhere else. Kind of addicting, and very dense in calories. Bad, but oh so good!

That’s all folks. Good luck to everyone at CFPA who are participating in WholeMay!! Stay strong and focus on the end goal. 🙂


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