05/05/2012 – Cinco De Mayo Good Eats

6 May

Happy birthday to my Mama and Happy Cinco De Mayo. I hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous day we had in the Bay Area, and whipped up some delicious Mexican food. I on the other hand was recovering from my gorge yesterday. I had a lot of sugar and gluten. Stuff I haven’t had in a long long time. At least not in that quantity, and I was left with a food hangover and my digestive system was going crazy. I ended up not eating until 1pm, which was fine by me. I basically had 2 big meals which consisted of protein and veggies. I stayed away from the carbs and sugar.

My first meal was Joojeh Kabobs from Chelokababi. I got these for take out on Friday(at lunch). I paired it with roasted broccoli and sauerkraut. Good stuff, and I definitely ate more than what was on this plate.

Once we finished lunch, we went to visit hubby’s Grandma and then headed to Santana Row. I had some stuff to return, and thought it would be nice to walk around and people watch. The kids had a good time. We decided to have dinner at The Counter. I ordered the market special which was Marinated Skirt Steak in a bowl.

Of course I always have to add an egg on whatever I order at The Counter. It took a lot of willpower to not munch on the fries that hubby and Lil’ Munchkin’ were enjoying. Remember, I had my time yesterday and it totally killed me. I gotta stick to the plan this week, and not overeat.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday! 🙂


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