05/15/2012 – Good Eats

16 May

I got to work and sat on the bike. Just biked for 45 minutes while reading a book. Crazy huh? It wasn’t a fiction book or magazine. More like a book on how to code. Tips and tricks. I never knew reading a book on software development would make the time pass so quickly.

I was suppose to run with my coworker at lunch, but work got in the way, and I decided not to go. I could of used the Vitamin-D, but I could use the rest even more.

Here’s how I fueled my day.

I broke my fast pretty early today because I was HUNGRY! I got a 14.5hr fast. It’s probably because I didn’t eat as much yesterday. I scarfed down my eggs with spinach and roasted cauliflower.


I was still hungry after eating my eggs, so I made my little Coconut Wrap with a can of Wild Planet Sardines and roasted bell peppers. Surprisingly, this was delicious! Wish I had more. I’m sure my neighbors weren’t too happy about me opening a can of sardines. I smelled it all day because the can was sitting in my trash can. LOL.

For dinner, I dunked a 6oz Salmon in the Sous Vide, then pan fried it in some ghee. Yes, my plate looks small compared to other nights, but oh well.

I made the mistake of roasting some raw cashews. I had a handful just to make sure that they were actually roasted instead of raw. A bit addicting.

Night folks!


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