05/16/2012 – Run and Row, Row and Run

17 May

I got to CFPA thinking we might be doing deadlifts. Nope, running and rowing was on the agenda.

5 Rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 500m Row
  • Result: 23:37

    Didn’t we just do a 2K row on Friday? Man, I remember the last time I did this in February ’11, while pregnant. It took forever, and I was gassed! 26 minutes. Since I’m not pregnant anymore, I’d expect to beat the 26 minute mark, which I did. But, I remember doing this at the old garage gym, and being under 23. I’ll have to skim my notebook again.

    Since we didn’t do deadlifts, I went to work and decided to do a 5×5 at 165#. It was heavy and form was not good. My legs are about to fall off. 😉 Rest and recovery tomorrow. Read up about it. It’ll do you some good.

    *Update: The first time I did this workout was in 2010. I got 23:48. So YAY, PR!!. I forgot to mention that I had to wait around for rowers during the workout. So maybe I would of gone faster? But, the rest was welcomed. LOL.


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