05/16/2012 – Good Eats

18 May

If you haven’t heard, CBS San Francisco is airing a 5 part series on Paleo. You can find the first 3 segments, here, here, and here. Check it out and get some good info on why eating the Paleo Lifestyle will benefit your health.

Onto my good eats for the day. Today was much better that I didn’t get hungry until 11:15. Maybe working out helps with my fast and drinking some coffee.

I broke my fast with a 6 egg omelet, 400g of sweet potato fries and 50g of chestnuts. Delish!


Next up was Melissa J’s Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat wrapped in red butter lettuce with roasted bell peppers. Yes, I made this wraps sitting at my desk. 🙂 You will not regret making this chicken. So moist and the flavor is divine!


For dinner, I took out some Wild Scallops I bought at Trader Joe’s and pan fried them with bacon grease, salt, and pepper. Dinner was on the table in minutes.


I ended the night with a couple handful of cashews. Not on the plan. I had to get rid of these cashews, so I made some banana bread from PaleOmg.

No more cooking dinner until Saturday. We have a ton of leftovers, so I want to clear all this food out before I start cooking again on Saturday. The GFs are coming over for dinner and it looks like pork tenderloin roast and skirt steak are on the menu. I hope they like it.


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