05/17/2012 – Good Eats

18 May

Howdy! It’s almost the weekend! It’s almost CrossFit NorCal Regionals! I hope everyone can get out to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds to see the action live. I’m going to TRY really hard to make it on Friday. I probably can’t make it there Saturday, but definitely will be there Sunday. Good times, good times!

Here’s how I fueled my day.

First up was an egg omelet with 4oz of Grassfed ground beef. Yummy!


Next up on my list to eat was chicken lettuce wraps. I didn’t take a picture, but it was the same wraps from the other day, so let’s just use the same one.

Once I got home, I hung out with the kiddies, then warmed up our food. I didn’t really have to cook anything, because all the food was prepared. Yes, please cook leftovers, so you don’t have to cook EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Hmm…and I guess dinner didn’t stop there. I munched on PaleOmg’s Banana Bread. I knew I couldn’t resist it. I was good yesterday, and that’s only because I made it after the eating window had ended. Today was a different story. I probably had two good slices of the banana bread. So good! Here’s a pic of my Lil’ Munchkin’ helping me yesterday. Love my little sous chef. 🙂


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