05/21/2012 – Good Eats

22 May

This past weekend was pretty busy. I was in the kitchen almost all day Saturday, in between spending quality time with my family. My girlfriends came over for dinner, and I cooked most of the food. It was fun to prep and stuff, but took a lot of time. And I didn’t take that many pictures. Here’s a pic of dessert, recipe courtesy of PaleOmg.

These bars are dangerous, and very delicious. Hats off to PaleOmg for creating such a recipe. I basically had a clean refeed on Saturday. Fasted until 1 and ate as much as I wanted till 7.

On Sunday, I didn’t eat until 1, and broke my fast with leftovers.
. We went to watch the final heats at the NorCal Regionals, and I was able to pick up some PaleoStix. Great snacks! We ended the night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Not a good idea. Tummy was not feeling well, and I was gassy all night. My boys were complaining that I was stinky! LOL. Sorry, TMI!

Okay, onto better eats today, and I kept it real simple. Two big meals.

First meal was at 12PM. 400 grams of sweet potatoes, with a 6 egg white omelet and 5.5 oz pork tenderloin. The pork tenderloin was left over from Saturday’s dinner. Oh, high carb day, so I had some cherries and strawberries. These cherries were from the farmer’s market, which means it’s almost SUMMER!

I got home late from work, and quickly whipped up dinner for us. I had chicken breast plus a 4oz turkey patty. The sides were brussel sprouts and broccoli.

That’s all folks. One more day of work, then I’m going on a stay-cation. More like a hack-cation.

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