05/22/2012 – Good Eats

23 May

Today was rest day from CrossFit, and since I haven’t ran in a whole week, it was time to get back at it. My coworker and I ran 5.5 miles, and it was the hardest ever! Taking a week off from running can sort of ruin me mentally. Maybe because I was drained from yesterday’s workout. I could just feel my muscles tense up as we started. We finished, but it wasn’t easy.

I fasted until 12PM. We went to Chelokababi and I ordered the Joojeh(chicken thigh) and Kabab Koobideh(ground beef) Kabab w/ a vegetable skewer. Everyone was amazed that I killed it. Love me some protein.


I worked until 5:30, so I had no time to cook. Luckily, we had leftovers. But guess what it was?! More chicken thighs. Green chicken from Nom Nom Paleo.

But, I didn’t finish there! I should of stopped eating, because I was over my rest day calories already. I had a couple more pieces of chicken and 2 big handfuls of 5 spice cashews(recipe in the Nom Nom Paleo App). Ya, those cashews definitely put me over the top for rest day macros. Not good. I’m not going to buy cashews anymore. Not until I reach my goal of bodyfat and strength! One thing about not having a nutrition coach is that I have no one to report to about my failures, so I just go at it. Okay, rant done.

Here’s a pic of the ghee we got in the mail last week. I think we’re well stocked for a couple of months.


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