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05/21/2012 – Push Jerks and Helen

22 May

It’s our last week in this cycle, and we worked on Push Jerks today. My PR was 118 years ago(2010). I haven’t gotten past it since then because of being pregnant. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan out my sets, so I didn’t PR today. Just matched it.

Push Jerks: 63#(5)-83(93)-93#(3)-103#(2/1)-113#(1)-118#(1)

118# actually felt good, and I should of tried to add more weight. We were out of time. And I had to mentally prepare for “Helen”

Helen, 3 RFT

  • 400m Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • 12 Pull Ups
  • 10:24 RX’d

    I wasn’t quite sure what my PR was, but I knew I wanted to try to get sub 10. That means that I had to do EVERYTHING UNBROKEN. Well, it looked good until the second round of pull ups. I had to jump off in the middle. I didn’t really have to, I just couldn’t fight the burn.

    Then when I came back from the run for the 3rd round, I dropped the KB at rep 14. By the time I finished the Kbs, there was 20 seconds left for me to do 12 pull ups to meet my goal. Of course, if I fought through the pain and got a good rhythm then maybe I would of gotten 10 minutes. I dropped off the bar 3 times! 😦 Funny though, because I actually matched my PR from 2010, which is the best time yet. Again, before I was pregnant w/ Lil’ AMRAP.

    I guess today was match my PR day. I’ll take it, for now. Good day at CFPA.

    I got to work and quickly did some bench press sets. Feels like I’m getting stronger with bench. Hopefully I can up my top set soon by 5 pounds.

    Bench Press: 90(6)-85(10)-75(13)

    I hope you got your butt moving on Monday. It’s a great way to start the week off right! I definitely cannot wait for the long weekend ahead.


    05/21/2012 – Good Eats

    22 May

    This past weekend was pretty busy. I was in the kitchen almost all day Saturday, in between spending quality time with my family. My girlfriends came over for dinner, and I cooked most of the food. It was fun to prep and stuff, but took a lot of time. And I didn’t take that many pictures. Here’s a pic of dessert, recipe courtesy of PaleOmg.

    These bars are dangerous, and very delicious. Hats off to PaleOmg for creating such a recipe. I basically had a clean refeed on Saturday. Fasted until 1 and ate as much as I wanted till 7.

    On Sunday, I didn’t eat until 1, and broke my fast with leftovers.
    . We went to watch the final heats at the NorCal Regionals, and I was able to pick up some PaleoStix. Great snacks! We ended the night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Not a good idea. Tummy was not feeling well, and I was gassy all night. My boys were complaining that I was stinky! LOL. Sorry, TMI!

    Okay, onto better eats today, and I kept it real simple. Two big meals.

    First meal was at 12PM. 400 grams of sweet potatoes, with a 6 egg white omelet and 5.5 oz pork tenderloin. The pork tenderloin was left over from Saturday’s dinner. Oh, high carb day, so I had some cherries and strawberries. These cherries were from the farmer’s market, which means it’s almost SUMMER!

    I got home late from work, and quickly whipped up dinner for us. I had chicken breast plus a 4oz turkey patty. The sides were brussel sprouts and broccoli.

    That’s all folks. One more day of work, then I’m going on a stay-cation. More like a hack-cation.

    05/18/2012 – Friday’s Workout

    21 May

    Friday’s workout was fun. We got to tumble around and work on our Gymnastics. I can say that I’m getting better at swaying myself up into a handstand push up, but I can’t get the hollow out part yet. Tim suggested I work in some GHDs to get the abs stronger. I might just do that, just as long as I don’t stay sore for 3 or 4 days. Those GHD machines are killer.

    Our WOD:

    10->1 of the following:

  • Sumo Deadlift High Pulls(95/65)
  • Push Ups
  • Box Jumps(20″)
  • Result: 7:09 RX’d

    This WOD was meant to be fast. The push ups felt great. I went chest to deck on every single one of them. Hopefully that will help when we do Murph on Memorial Day. The sumos and box jumps were alright. I need to transition faster between each box jump to gain more speed. This WOD was a great way to start the weekend.

    05/17/2012 – Good Eats

    18 May

    Howdy! It’s almost the weekend! It’s almost CrossFit NorCal Regionals! I hope everyone can get out to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds to see the action live. I’m going to TRY really hard to make it on Friday. I probably can’t make it there Saturday, but definitely will be there Sunday. Good times, good times!

    Here’s how I fueled my day.

    First up was an egg omelet with 4oz of Grassfed ground beef. Yummy!


    Next up on my list to eat was chicken lettuce wraps. I didn’t take a picture, but it was the same wraps from the other day, so let’s just use the same one.

    Once I got home, I hung out with the kiddies, then warmed up our food. I didn’t really have to cook anything, because all the food was prepared. Yes, please cook leftovers, so you don’t have to cook EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

    Hmm…and I guess dinner didn’t stop there. I munched on PaleOmg’s Banana Bread. I knew I couldn’t resist it. I was good yesterday, and that’s only because I made it after the eating window had ended. Today was a different story. I probably had two good slices of the banana bread. So good! Here’s a pic of my Lil’ Munchkin’ helping me yesterday. Love my little sous chef. 🙂

    05/16/2012 – Good Eats

    18 May

    If you haven’t heard, CBS San Francisco is airing a 5 part series on Paleo. You can find the first 3 segments, here, here, and here. Check it out and get some good info on why eating the Paleo Lifestyle will benefit your health.

    Onto my good eats for the day. Today was much better that I didn’t get hungry until 11:15. Maybe working out helps with my fast and drinking some coffee.

    I broke my fast with a 6 egg omelet, 400g of sweet potato fries and 50g of chestnuts. Delish!


    Next up was Melissa J’s Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat wrapped in red butter lettuce with roasted bell peppers. Yes, I made this wraps sitting at my desk. 🙂 You will not regret making this chicken. So moist and the flavor is divine!


    For dinner, I took out some Wild Scallops I bought at Trader Joe’s and pan fried them with bacon grease, salt, and pepper. Dinner was on the table in minutes.


    I ended the night with a couple handful of cashews. Not on the plan. I had to get rid of these cashews, so I made some banana bread from PaleOmg.

    No more cooking dinner until Saturday. We have a ton of leftovers, so I want to clear all this food out before I start cooking again on Saturday. The GFs are coming over for dinner and it looks like pork tenderloin roast and skirt steak are on the menu. I hope they like it.

    05/16/2012 – Run and Row, Row and Run

    17 May

    I got to CFPA thinking we might be doing deadlifts. Nope, running and rowing was on the agenda.

    5 Rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 500m Row
  • Result: 23:37

    Didn’t we just do a 2K row on Friday? Man, I remember the last time I did this in February ’11, while pregnant. It took forever, and I was gassed! 26 minutes. Since I’m not pregnant anymore, I’d expect to beat the 26 minute mark, which I did. But, I remember doing this at the old garage gym, and being under 23. I’ll have to skim my notebook again.

    Since we didn’t do deadlifts, I went to work and decided to do a 5×5 at 165#. It was heavy and form was not good. My legs are about to fall off. 😉 Rest and recovery tomorrow. Read up about it. It’ll do you some good.

    *Update: The first time I did this workout was in 2010. I got 23:48. So YAY, PR!!. I forgot to mention that I had to wait around for rowers during the workout. So maybe I would of gone faster? But, the rest was welcomed. LOL.

    05/15/2012 – Good Eats

    16 May

    I got to work and sat on the bike. Just biked for 45 minutes while reading a book. Crazy huh? It wasn’t a fiction book or magazine. More like a book on how to code. Tips and tricks. I never knew reading a book on software development would make the time pass so quickly.

    I was suppose to run with my coworker at lunch, but work got in the way, and I decided not to go. I could of used the Vitamin-D, but I could use the rest even more.

    Here’s how I fueled my day.

    I broke my fast pretty early today because I was HUNGRY! I got a 14.5hr fast. It’s probably because I didn’t eat as much yesterday. I scarfed down my eggs with spinach and roasted cauliflower.


    I was still hungry after eating my eggs, so I made my little Coconut Wrap with a can of Wild Planet Sardines and roasted bell peppers. Surprisingly, this was delicious! Wish I had more. I’m sure my neighbors weren’t too happy about me opening a can of sardines. I smelled it all day because the can was sitting in my trash can. LOL.

    For dinner, I dunked a 6oz Salmon in the Sous Vide, then pan fried it in some ghee. Yes, my plate looks small compared to other nights, but oh well.

    I made the mistake of roasting some raw cashews. I had a handful just to make sure that they were actually roasted instead of raw. A bit addicting.

    Night folks!