06/11/2012 – Good Eats

12 Jun

Today is the first day on my new nutrition plan. Nothing too different, just a lot of veggies. I don’t even think I ate enough veggies as what was asked of me.

8:30AM – Breakfast was 250g of strawberries with 4oz turkey breast, sweet potatoes as my PWO carb, and lots of veggies.



12PM – Lunch was about 4oz of ground lamb sauteed with Rogan Josh curry powder, sauteed purple cabbage, and braised kale and carrots. Oh ya, and some KIDNEY BEANS. I haven’t had beans since going Paleo, but Jen recommended as a slow digesting carb. Not very tasty, but eeeh I’ll live!

4PM – I wasn’t prepared for this meal. Well, I brought Paleo Kit’s Chicken Jerky with me, but I was suppose to have a big serving of green and colorful veggies. Luckily I was stopping by Trader Joe’s to buy MORE veggies, so I decided to pick up one of their pre-made salads. I ate half of the salad(no dressing, no nuts) and most of the jerky.



6:30PM – Dinner was 4oz shrimp sauteed in peppers and onion with roasted broccoli and the rest of my salad.

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