Continuing My Journey to be Healthy(ier), Strong(er), and Lean(er)

12 Jun

I got the “er” idea from this great article by Jen K. It’s all in the thought process. I am healthy, but I can always be healthier. I am strong, but I always want to be stronger. And I am lean, I just want to be leaner!

Here’s an update on my ever so changing nutrition life.

I dabbled with Leangains a bit after my 12 week nutrition challenge in April. I didn’t have any trouble with fasting. My challenge was to be able to stay within my macros that I had set for myself on a “cut”. I was on track for about 3 weeks, obsessively counting my macros, not trying to overeat, working out my hardest, etc etc. On my rest days, I ran 4-5.5 miles. Well, this soon caught up to me, and I started to fall off the wagon. I probably didn’t plan enough food on my “rest” days, and then I over ate.

When I went on the hack-cation, I decided to continue fasting, but eat whatever I wanted during my eating window. I wanted to focus on my side project, taking my focus away from eating, which means stop prepping food but still be healthy with my food choices, but not so strict. The not so strict part bit me in the behind! That meant, heavy cream in my coffee, paleo krunch bars, dried fruit, which then lead to donuts, hawaiian bread, burgers, and pizza. Ya, how did that happen. I told myself I wasn’t going to be as strict, but I completely fell off the wagon. Definitely not good for my gut or my health.

Two weeks later, I’m here and feeling a little puffier. I took pictures of myself and YIKES! Reality check. I haven’t even compared them to the pictures that I took in the middle of April because I know I’ve gained. I’ve probably gained muscle and fat at the same time, definitely not what Leangains is about. It could also be a lot of water weight from eating lots of white carbs.

My problem is being consistent and keeping myself in control to meet my goals. I’ve made great progress since having Lil’ AMRAP, but I want to be in the best shape possible. I want to “look” like I workout. I want to continue eating healthy, and not be afraid of the once a week “off plan” meals by adding in an extra workout or two. If I do have an “off plan” meal, I want to be able to get back and not continue on the path of destruction. To continue my journey, I’ve decided to take on a new adventure with Jen Keck from Girls Gone Strong. I’ve been following Jen and GGS since the beginning of the year, and was very inspired by all the articles that they’ve written and encouragement that they give women all over the world. Here are some of the great articles that keep me going back to Jen and GGS for motivation:

When is it ever enough? – By Jen K.

The power of preparation – By Jen

Everything(and Nothing) in Moderation – By Neghar

It’s My Fault – By Neghar

How to Have an Awesome Deadlift Workout – Nia Shanks

What’s your “WHY?” – By Molly G.

Jen’s given me some good advice about hormonal issues that I may be having because of the lack in calories, yo-yo dieting, and excessive workouts. I think Jen will not only help me get lean, but also look after my health. My road to trying what fits for me has evolved throughout the years. I know I love CrossFit and lifting, and that has definitely been consistent thanks to Tim, CFPA, and The Five Tribe. Like many other people, the nutrition side of being healthy is the hardest part. I’m living and learning, and I think this will be a fun journey. A little self control, and I’ll be able to reach all my goals in health and fitness.

And so, I’ll leave you here with this little quote from Metabolic Effect.

The metabolism is like a see-saw that is always seeking balance. Eating less and exercising more is a strategy that assures your metabolic see-saw will continue to swing wildly back and forth. Instead of fighting against your metabolic processes you can work with it. Two strategies work best. 1) Eat more and exercise more. This is what you do to build muscle or perform better. 2) Eat less and exercise less. This is best for fat loss.

Yeah, we know you have been told different by all the other experts. Well, their advice has created a 2/3 obesity epidemic in this country and the Yo-Yo dieting phenomenon. It is time, in our humble opinion, people start questioning this bad advice. Any other model in any other industry with a success rate as poor as the eat less exercise more model would have been labeled useless and abandoned long ago.

Oh, and here is one hint about part 2 above. If you eat more of the right kinds of food more often you end up eating less calories without even trying. And, if you exercise smarter you can spend less time and get better results from your exercise (its called exercise efficiency).

Wish me luck in my never ending journey! 🙂


One Response to “Continuing My Journey to be Healthy(ier), Strong(er), and Lean(er)”

  1. wymberley June 12, 2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Staying in the clean eating mindset is such a challenge! I would think the fasting would really create havoc in your hormones. Hope you get it sorted out soon!

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