06/19/2012- Good Eats & Sprints

20 Jun

Here’s my good eats for the day.

Breakfast started with an egg omelet with braised kale and salsa. I forgot to take a picture of it.

Around 11:30, I went out with my coworker and we did Death by 10meters. The goal is for ever minute that you are working, you sprint 10 meters. For the first minute, you sprint 10, for the second minute, you sprint 10m twice, for the third you sprint 10m three times, and so on. You mush tap and go for every 10 meters. We finished 11 rounds, and missed the 12th by one. It was brutal. I forgot how brutal it was.

Once I got back to my desk, I scarfed up my lunch. Leftover Chicken and Gravy with veggies. My fat source olive oil and green olives.

I went home and dunked some wild salmon into the SousVide Supreme for dinner. I didn’t have my 4th meal yet, so I grabbed a piece of leftover green chicken with sauerkraut and half a Persian cucumber. I drizzled some olive oil onto the cucumber.

That meal did not keep me full, because I ate again at 6PM. I pan fried the salmon and paired it with sauteed cabbage and roasted cauliflower and broccoli. My fat source was avocado and cashews.

I had sauteed the cabbage with 4505 Meat’s Bacon Hot dogs. I had two small bites of the hot dog. I know…bad!


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