06/20/2012 – Front Squats and Jackie

21 Jun

Today is our last day of the Front Squat cycle. Last week I PR’ed at 148# and today I wanted to get 150#. Here’s how it went…

Front Squats: 73#(5)-93#(3)-113#(3)-133#(3)-143#(1)-150#(F)-150#(F)

I failed at 150#. First, I think I made too big of a jump from 143# to 150#. I thought the 143# felt good even though it wasn’t perfect form. For the 150#, before I got to the bar and put it in the rack position, I took my deep breath and got tight. I lifted the bar onto my shoulders, lifting my elbows, and positioned my feet. Right then and there, I let go of my breath. NOT GOOD. Of course, everything just let loose, and I had to get tight again before going down into the squat. I think that was my first point of failure. I just need to focus and go. With the second try, I think I just flopped down into the squat to fast. My back rounded and of course the elbows were down, and I couldn’t get it back up. 150..I will get you next time.

Our WOD today was a benchmark WOD.


  • 1000m Row
  • 50 Thursters(45#/35#)
  • 30 Pull Ups
  • Result: 9:59 RX’d

    We did Jackie in March, and I got the same time! I’ve done Jackie at 9:11 back in when I started at CFPA. It’s recorded in my book. I remember I did the first set of thrusters at 25. Today, I did 17 or 18, and then took lots and lots of breaks.

    When I got to work I wanted to work on some deadlifts. I didn’t go to heavy because my elbow is still bothering me, and I could feel it flare up. Anyways, I warmed up to 165# and then worked my way down.

    Deadlifts: 165#(10)-145#(8)-135#(8)

    Time to ice, roll out, and take some ibuprofen. Hope everyone got a good workout in.


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