07/02/2012 – Pistols and Renegade Rows

3 Jul

It’s a short week, but I have to keep my workout schedule the same. Today we worked on Pistols.


I’m a bit wobbly with the 16kg. I have to remember to keep the core tight going up and push through the hell.

AMRAP 12 Minutes:

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Renegade Rows(45#/30#)
  • 10 DB Power Cleans
  • Results: 3 Rounds + 211 m Row

    I tried to go as fast as I could with the row. I averaged under 2 minutes for the first round. The second two rounds werer shitty. The renegade rows were the hardest part. I tried the 30# dumbbell, but I couldn’t keep my abs tight and not move my shoulder as I was pull the dumbbell up. I decided to go with the 25# to make sure form was perfect. During the 3rd round, I was doing 1 rep at a time. That is how much it sucked!

    Once I got to work, I lifted with bench press and back squats. I was going to do Front Squats but didn’t want to irritate my elbow again.

    Bench Press: 90#(7)-85#(9 reps, almost 10 because I clipped the holder)-75#(14)

    Back Squat: 65#(10)-85#(10)-95#(7)-115#(5)-125#(7)

    Once that was done, I busted out my 11 push ups for the 100 Day Push Up Challenge. Ouch!


    2 Responses to “07/02/2012 – Pistols and Renegade Rows”

    1. wymberley July 3, 2012 at 8:46 am #

      Looks like a killer. Call me…ignorant but what are renegade rows?

      • stle57 July 3, 2012 at 9:16 am #

        Renegade rows are when you hold two dumbells in a push up position, do a push up, then with each arm pull the dumbbell up, keeping the core engaged and hips down. To make it a bit easier, you can spread your legs wider than a normal push up. The key is to have your core tight and as you are pulling one dumbbell, keep the shoulder down. Hope that helps.

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