07/07/2012 – Good Eats

9 Jul

Beach day today! Thank god Lil’ Munchkin’ is getting better and we can have some fun. We got ready as usually by making breakfast and just lounging around the house.

I had egg omelet with 1/4 of an avocado and spicy cabbage slaw.


Before we left to the beach, we had to get lunched packed and beach towels ready. I had sous vided a tri tip last night, so all I needed to do was pan fry it. Super easy, and it turned out really yummy!

As we were driving up to the beach, I ate my lunch. Tri tip with lettuce wraps with raw peppers. My fat was some almond butter. mmmMMMmm.

We were still at the beach for my 3rd meal, so I just ate more tri tip with lettuce. Nothing fancy.

The kids had a blast at the beach, and the little babies survived without being too cranky. We stayed until 4ish, then drove home and ate dinner at home. I made spaghetti using zucchini as noodles. My two servings of fat were macadamia nuts.


Hubby has decided to do the push up challenge with me starting at day 16. And we both did our push ups. 🙂

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