07/09/2012 – CFPA Closes for CrossFit Games Week

10 Jul

Aaaah, The 2012 CrossFit Games week is upon us! I wish I was going next weekend, but plans changed. Next year, for sure! It’s gonna be madness at The Home Depot Center, but fun madness. So jealous of everyone going. I’ll be watching it on ESPN as much as I can.

Since today was the last day of workouts for us until next Wednesday, I had to get my butt out of bed at 4:30 and get a good workout in. Today we worked on Pistols.

Pistols: 5(BW)-5(12kg)-3(16kg)-3(16kg)-1(24kg)

My pistols are strong when my right leg is extended. I had trouble stringing together the 16kg with my left leg extended. I lose balance. These things I can practice. Practice practice practice.

Here’s our WOD:

12 Minute AMRAP:

  • 3 Deadlifts(315/225#) Used 185#
  • 9 Bar Hop Burpees
  • 18 Double Unders
  • Result: 6 Rounds + 6 Reps

    Let’s just say this was a great send off. I tried to keep my form as perfect as possible, but as I got tired, it was hard to keep my abs tight while I pulled. Again, with burpees and double unders, you just have to keep moving. I’m happy with my score.

    Tim told me to rest and recover this week, and I think I will do that. I don’t plan on lifting on Wednesday, I’ll get some Yoga in on Thursday, and then do a lifting session(no WOD) on Friday. Plus, I’m going to sleep in a bit!! YAY!

    Day 18 of Push Up Challenge done.


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