07/17/2012 – Good Eats

18 Jul

I woke up and walked around the neighborhood for 45 minutes. I’m not sure how I’m going to get up at 430 for class tomorrow. I’m getting used to just being lazy.

Here’s how I fueled my day.

Breakfast was meat with two eggs and veggies. I drizzled olive oil on the veggies.

I didn’t eat lunch until 1230 because I was busy at work. Meat and veggies. I forgot to bring some extra fat so all I did was drizzle olive oil on it.


My 3rd meal was around 4 and it was pork Czech meatballs with veggies. I forgot to eat some fat.


When I picked up Lil Munchkin’ and Lil AMRAP, we went to a little BBQ. I bit off some pieces of chicken, but that is all I had. I still wanted to eat dinner at home.


Dinner wasn’t until 830, 3.5 oz sirloin tip with veggies and macadamia nuts. I ate all those Mac nut and had an extra serving.


No more macadamia nuts when I finish this tub. I’m going to stick to avocado because I can’t over eat with avocado. LOL.


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