07/18/2012 – Good Eats

20 Jul

Woke up this morning and got on the treadmill for my walk. I couldn’t walk outside because I wanted to get to work as soon as possible. Luckily there is a fully equipped gym at work! The many conveniences at GD.

Once I got to my desk I ate my steak and eggs for breakfast. I live steak, especially flank steak. I left a couple pieces for later because it was more than 4oz. My fat was avocado and some olive oil.


By 11, I was hungry already. I warmed up my mahi mahi with veggies. Not pictured was the extra pieces of flank from the morning. I ate that too. Fats were avocado and olive oil.20120720-093122.jpg

That kept me pretty full all afternoon. I was busy too, so I ended up not having my 3rd meal.

Dinner time rolled around and I sous vided a piece of wild sockeye salmon that I picked up from Costco. I’m not a fan of sockeye. It’s too thin!! I had extra food too, leftover chicken sausage and mushrooms.



My fats were macadamia nuts, and I killed the rest of the tub. No more Mac nuts in the house.


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