07/25/2012 – More Kettlebell Cleans

26 Jul

Aaaah, I was looking forward to getting back to CFPA today. I need a good workout. I thought my shoulder was getting better, but for some reason every time I step into the box for the last two weeks, something is aching on my right side. I definitely felt something weird when doing V-ups last Wednesday, but that feeling went away after Friday’s workout. I felt good all week, until this morning. The range of motion was very limited, especially when I was trying to do Sots Press with a PVC pipe. I’ll ice and stuff later tonight and see how it goes. Unfortunately, it limited my ability to do KB Clean and Press with a 16kg bell. Here’s how that went.

KB Clean & Press: 5(12kg)-5(12kg)-5(16kg Left, 12kg Right)-5(16kg Left, 12kg Right)-5(16kg R, 12kg L)

And our WOD:

10 Minute AMRAP

  • 6 Pistols
  • 9 Pull Ups
  • 12 KB Swings(24kg/16kg)
  • This was a good workout. I don’t really have a problem with BW pistols. Like Tim suggested, I tried not to rush through the pistols. I did 6 pistols on one leg the first round, then did 6 on the other leg the second round. After I felt warmed up, I switched back and forth for the rest of the round. Pull ups felt good, although I was a bit worried about my shoulder. I did a couple rounds unbroken, then I broke them up the last few rounds.

    Result: 6 Rounds plus 17 Reps.


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